Now, the credit cards machines are goofy, and all cashiers know that. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, who knows what is ever going in. One thing that will never change on a credit card machine is the fact that you have to sign your name. I do understand that some machines are different from others, but the concept is all relatively the same.

Swipe your card, hit CREDIT or DEBIT, either enter a pin or sign name based off of previous selection, and TA DA! You paid for your groceries.

Not so fast.

Some of my favorite customers are the ones that get confused over the “do not use pen” request that appears on the screen wen one is about to sign their name.

“Do not use pen?” they ask me, oh so confused.
“It means to not use a real pen,” I respond, soothing their anxiety.

Although, there is always that one customer who ends up trying to sign their name with their finger because they just can’t figure this darn thing out. What does it want? Not to use a pen? I’m going to try and write my name with my finger, that should do the trick.

But…I’m just going to let you finish writing your name with your finger before I speak up about the proper instructions because this is just my favorite moment of all time.


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