Passing the Time

Time is but a virtue, or something. I’m not really sure. Time is really something strange though, because there is no actual happy medium. We either want it to speed up or slow down. In reality, time is the one thing that is a constant in our lives, yet we continue to take it for granted. Now, before I continue down the road I am going, which is quite clearly going to lead into me lecturing you on why you aren’t spending your time the way you should, I am going to share with you some ways in which I attempt to make the time go faster at work.

1. Horoscopes

This stuff is serious, okay? My moons have to be aligned and the planets need to just figure their junk out. I need to know what is going on and it is very important to my well-being as a human.

Not really.

They are pretty fun though, and they all say something different which can be quite comical at times.

However, this “passing the time” act may have begun to get a little out of hand, as I know now there are exactly three weekly magazines that have horoscopes in them and they change on Wednesdays only. Also, there is one that changes monthly and it usually tells me my love life is starting to pick up. For some reason I always fall for that.

On slow nights I also text Amanda hers. Oops.

2. Cleaning

I am a self proclaimed neat freak by choice and I am proud. Thus, when it gets super slow into the very depths of the night, I clean like no woman has ever cleaned before.

One night I even dusted the dog food. Yeah.

And just for the record, people are gross.

3. Daydreaming

This is just a given. Sometimes I imagine I am a princess in a faraway land, hanging out with all of my fairytale friends and just living the dream. Other times I am more realistic, dreaming of not being at work and sleeping instead.

It’s pretty much a toss up to be honest, but hey, it makes the time go faster.

This time five minutes have gone by instead of only two. PROGRESS.


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