Here is a little advice: Be nice to everyone, and in times of difficulty, at least try.

Now, here is the truth: You do not need to be friends with everyone.

I recently had a co-worker of mine tell me he doesn’t see it fit to be friends with any of his co-workers. At first I took this rather offensively. What’s your angle, man? Why don’t you think I’m stellar? But then, I thought about it a little more. He’s right. Because the absolute fact of the matter is, it is impossible, and I mean IMPOSSIBLE to be friends with everyone you work with. This fact actually stinks because it can make work upsetting to go to when you don’t care for the people you are working with on that particular day. I will truthfully admit there are some co-workers I would rather not associate with at all, while there are others who frequently brighten my day within seconds.

I’ve actually met some of my very good friends whilst working where I do, and I’ve met some people I will attempt to avoid until the cows come home. It’s inevitable. There will be arguments, maybe some gossip and drama, but it you are lucky, there will be friendship.

In closing, and to quote the always inspiring Ellen DeGeneres, “be kind to one another.”

You guys must be catching me on a soft day.


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