Thanks to years in the field of customer service at a grocery store, I know any and all brands in the wonderful world of cigarettes. To be honest, I know more than one should for someone who has never even held one between two fingers. In this time I have experiences all of the negatives that come alone with selling cigarettes.

I’ve been there with the customers as they count out the change needed for a fresh pack.

I’ve been there as the prices have risen from “a reasonable amount” to one “outrageous beyond belief.”

I’ve been there through the semi-convincing claims of that very carton being their last one.

I’ve been there with the hopeful customer as he/she attempts to purchase their new pack with leftover EBT money.

Thus, with all of these instances I decided to turn my negative experiences with cigarettes into a positive one. Attempt to, at least.

One late night at the till I had a young male purchase a pack. Pretty standard night at this point. However, with no one in line behind him, I made my move.

“Smoking kills,” I wrote on his receipt in big, loopy script.

Kind of gutsy, I know. Now, I wouldn’t say his reaction was particularly horrible, nor was it amused, but let’s just say I’d just kind of learned to deal with the “joys” of cigarette selling from there on out.


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