One thing I can never keep up on with customers is receipts. Some customers always want them, while others never do. Some run back to the tills after forgetting it, scavenging around in hopes that we haven’t already thrown it away. Some take it and then crumble it up and hand it back to me. My favorite response, however, is when I attempt to hand a customer their receipt and they shake their head, meet my eye and say, “Oh, you can keep it.” Now, I know they don’t expect me to actually hold onto their precious receipt, as if it was a glorious gift from a far away land, but I always take this comment just a little too literally. Quite honestly on purpose.

“Thank you so much,” I say in return, as they saunter off with their groceries. I usually receive a sideways glance back as they turn in the direction of the automatic doors, and I beam sarcastically.

In short, we don’t want your receipts anymore than you do. And also, there’s a garbage right by the door for your receipts and any extra garbage you might also try and cast upon me. (i.e. A man once handed me an eaten chicken leg as he started to unload his groceries, thus, I live in haunted fear).


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