Pure Gold

Sometimes far and few between, other days more often than not, there are some customers that just deserve medals. This is a section purely dedicated to the ones that should be awarded the gold.

On a day not so long ago, my feet were sore and my patience was withering. That was until I had two ladies, clearly best friends, shopping with their kids, unload their heaping and overflowing carts one at a time onto the conveyor belt before me. The first woman to check out her groceries informed me that she was going to pay for her friend’s groceries for her and was going to sneak out. I was instantly giddy. I kept smiling and couldn’t quite keep it together. Nonetheless, the woman bagged up her groceries and I started ringing her friend’s groceries through without her paying attention. Near the end she asked me what the damage was and as I rang the last bunch of bananas through, I told her.

“Your friend actually took care of it for you, though,” I expressed with a beaming smile from ear to ear.

Tears instantly welled up in her eyes as she told me how she was going to punch her friend so hard in the face.

A kind of odd reaction, but okay.

It’s moments like these that get me, people. Moments like these that are so far and few between that I was so happy just to have seen it that one time.


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