Horrible Moments

There are horrible moments at any job, anyone can agree with me on that, and don’t you dare deny it. Thus, I will share a couple of mine with you, some that I am happy to say I can almost, kind of, maybe on some days, laugh about now.



I was having a particular bad day when we suddenly got super busy out of nowhere. Typical day at a grocery store. I had a line full of people as I was trying to hurry as fast as I could to get them through without making any mistakes. One of my usual older customers was next in line and I could see his rather large watermelon out of the corner of my eye. I was contemplating my plan of action as I am a relatively small individual of short stature, and the larger watermelons sometimes get me as I struggle to weigh it upon the scale and move it towards the bagging area without causing a scar upon its rich green shell.

With my luck, of course, I managed to weigh the watermelon successfully and then promptly drop it on the older gentleman’s foot as I struggled to haul it into his cart. He yelped out an exasperated, “Oof” as I apologized profusely and made direct eye contact with the customer next in line: an attractive male around my age who exerted sympathy from his perfectly formed half-smile.

Once my line died down I went to the employee break-room, called my mom, and cried, because it’s okay to do that if you need to, I tell myself.


547983789 Items or Fewer 

On a particular day of the week I don’t quite remember I had two gentleman make their way to my coveted “15 Items or Fewer” checkout lane. Except these two gentleman had a cart stock full of groceries. Well, no problem there I would just remind them that my lane had a 15 item limit to it and direct them elsewhere, perhaps to Lane 2, or Lane 3, 4, 5, or even 6, which were all remarkably open. Thus, I did just that.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, my lane is only 15 items or fewer,” I said as I pointed to the sign to my left.

The man looked to his friend and promptly back at me to which he said, “Oh, well she’s going to make us move so put everything back in the cart because this ***hole won’t help us.”

Yup. Cried after that one, too. But that’s okay, because jobs like these help us get a thicker skin. And also plot the people’s homes you would like to egg.


I’ll save the rest for another time, but keep reading!



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