Testing, Testing

Here is just a sneak peek into what my best friend and I have been working on. Attempting to work on, anyways.

A little background:

My best friend Amanda and I have known each other since middle school, but it wasn’t until after we had graduated from high school did we become so close. I then moved four hours north and our friendship became mainly long-distance. We communicate via every social networking site available, as well as Skype, texting, etc. In addition to that we try and visit one another every three months or so, getting together around the most important occasions, like our birthdays and Christmas.

In addition to this, Amanda was the one who mainly helped me adjust to the move my family made shortly after graduating from high school. Not only did we communicate all day every day, and by ways of 45 different means of communication, we were both also cashiers at our local grocery stores. Jobs we both love to hate. But, more importantly, jobs we both love to complain about. Thus, a book idea was born and a movie to follow to make us famous. Until then, we will be sharing with you our stories, our suggestions, and our friendship. You’ve come across my blog here, but be sure to check out Amanda’s as well, here. Comment with what you love, what you hate, and keep reading!

Nontheless, a preview, my friends.

Chapter (unknown): The “Don’t”

The “what-not-to-do’s” are very important when it comes to what you are actually supposed to do when it comes to cashiering. Quite frequently, the “what-not-to-do’s” are generally MORE important than what you should actually be doing. For example, “The ‘QUIT'”.

The year before I transferred to a new college I worked non-stop at the local grocery store. It actually pains me to write this, but I will muddle through. Anyways, the night of my last shift right before I was to leave for school I threw myself a going away party at work. You read that right. I was so overjoyed to be leaving and having thought there was no way I would ever return, I threw myself a stellar, kick-ass going away party. Just me, myself, and I. I took two breaks that night and ate a bag of pizza rolls and an overly frosted cake with a batman candle on top. Ate it with a fork. No plates, just fork.

I made a vow to myself that last night. I would not be returning. I sealed this vow with a forkful of cake and a pizza roll between my teeth. It was the perfect moment.

And then school got out 9 months later, I moved back home for the summer and ended up back where I started. The End.

Technically, not the end though. That cake had a lot of frosting and the majority of those calories are still hanging around.

The point is, don’t fake quit. It’s exactly the same as making a huge scene when you get frustrated at work, any job really, and storming out, vowing to never return. Except in this scenario everyone saw you and even though, even though, they are wishing they had done the same thing, they have a paycheck and healthcare and can make their car payment and well, now, you can’t.

Quit only if you mean it. Quit only if you have a back-up plan, are on good terms with everyone and can use them as a reference, and most importantly, know one hundred percent that you will not be back. Then by all means, give ’em hell soldier, give ’em hell.

Stay tuned for more, we are quite hilarious.


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