A Bummin’ Summer

The last time I posted I was wrapping up my junior year of college and finishing up an assignment I had been whole-heartedly invested in about blogging. Now, before summer came I promised myself I would keep blogging as I fell in love with it and WOULD BY NO MEANS just stop willy nilly. Oops.

I also vowed I was going to eat healthy and read books for leisure. There are cookies in my my freezer as we speak so what does that tell you?

That I have one pretty kickass mother, that’s what. On a side note, I am now on my fourth “leisurely reading” book, so at least I am sticking to one thing on my list.

Between working, family vacations, and having an impromptu ear surgery, all of the reading, writing, and much-needed exercising has been in short supply. And by golly, I have one month left until I return back to college for senior year.

However, one month is more time than necessary to tick off the last few things on my list, people! Thus, my best friend and I are starting a mini trial-series for a book we have been thinking about writing for some time. You will have to drop by my blog to sneak a peek later. In the meantime, here is what I have been up to on my summer vacation.



I am so unnecessarily deep in thought, it’s mind-boggling.


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