The Gist of Blogging About Blogging

So, if you have been following my blog for the past five weeks or so you have seen me analyze five different blogs, and even interview some of the authors!

But now it is time to discover what all of the past five week’s work has proven to mean.

My project proposal is here, but I will explain it all again anyways.


Here’s what I did: 

I followed 5 different blogs, which were:

1) Life Inspired 

2) Vintage Reflection

3) Small Food Business

4) Abby Has Issues

5) The Droid You’re Looking For 

My goal was to see what can be gained, learned and the like by following these 5 bloggers on a wordpress website.

I worked with each blog for an entire week, first posting on what the blog was about, linking heavily throughout. I gave background on each of the authors and ended each review with the following questions.

What am I learning? 

What needs to be shared?

What shouldn’t be shared?

How are the blogs performed in general?

How are they structured?

What kind of following do they have?

Are suggestions or ideas (recipes, etc.) from blogs do-able?

What is to be gained by blogging in general?

What is to be gained by following the bloggers?

What did I gain?


Here’s what happened:

I posted first on Life Inspired.



The blog is run by Simone; a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.Simone blogs about being a parent to a lively little girl who doesn’t eat sugar, about what it is like to be the wife of a radio personality, and about the everyday struggles and life blessings that enhance her world. Simone has 20+ categories of post topics with everything from baby food to relationships.

I emailed Simone but didn’t get a response so in my second post I answered my own questions with answers I drew from following her blog. She did, however comment on one of my posts and followed me on twitter and tweeted at me!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.02.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.06.28 PM



Living Inspired

Delving Deeper with Life Inspired


I then worked with Vintage Reflection, run by Amy Purfield-Clark. Amy is a fashion blogger and lives with her boyfriend Dave, who is the photographer for her website. She showcases her own illustrations and styles weekly. Amy also followed me on twitter and tweeted at me! She was also the first blogger to respond to my email and answered all my questions I asked about her blog. In addition to all of her feedback, she commented on my blog as well.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.22.26 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.25.11 PM


Amy Meets London & A Vintage Reflection 

Mind Surfing with Vintage Reflection

Style Right, Blog Right


Next up I worked with Small Food Business. Jennifer Lewis is the author of the website and is an entrepreneur in the small food business world. She was on her way into creating her small food business when she realized how there was a large lack of information and resources regarding the world of artisan food owners and aspiring food entrepreneurs. Thus, the Small Food Business blog was born.

I also contacted Jennifer early on in the week for an interview and she responded right away!



Small Foodie Businesses: Seattle Style

Taking on the Small Food Business World: An Interview with Jennifer Lewis

It’s a Wrap — An Analysis and Summary 


By the fourth week, I was working with Abby Has Issues. Abby Heugel is a magazine writer and editor who started blogging as a way for some additional enjoyment, and not just employment. She was also awarded the 2012 “Blogger of the Year” and has five books that are available on Amazon. I also emailed Abby for an interview but she missed it. She did, however comment on my blog. Twice.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.46.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.48.04 PM


Who is Abby?

Deciphering the Issues 

The Gist of Abby Has Issues 


Finally,  I worked with The Droid You’re Looking For. Winner of the 2012 Lammys (The Large Association of Movie Blogs) for Funniest Writer (see above), John LaRue is a graphic designer/production editor/print purchaser/data visualization geek, or so he says. In his spare time he likes to watch a “boatload” of movies, and enjoys writing about them, which is what he does on his blog. I also contacted John for an interview, to which he complied.



Enjoying the Popcorn: Movie Blogging

Going Back for Seconds — An Extra Buttery Featurette 

Bergman, Hitchcock, Oh My!

A Procrastinated End


In addition to all of my postings, I noticed a large increase in the amount of followers and regular day-to-day traffic I was getting. Since starting my project I have gained a strong following on my blog and am up to 70+ followers on my blog. A majority of my posts also had a varied number of likes from unknown followers. Revert below to a series of my latest statistics.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.41.05 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.38.10 AM  Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.39.41 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.40.12 AM  Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.40.34 AM


Here is what it all means:

Overall, I came to realize that I needed to answer some of my own questions if I want to figure out what all this means as a whole.

How are the blogs performed in general? 

The blogs are definitely utilized as performance spaces, as any blog may be considered. However, each of these blogs have continued to utilize their blogs as a way of getting their names out there in each of the fields they are pursuing. Every single blog I followed seemed to only better the professional life of the blogger in more ways than one. From gaining freelance work in fashion like Amy (Vintage Reflection) to altering his blog to meet his changing career like John (The Droid You’re Looking For), each blogger brought something different to the table, and continues to thrive in his or her own personal and work-related environments.

What is to be gained by following the bloggers?

From an outside perspective, a fellow follower of one or more of these blogs may gain just general or generic insight into ways to run a blog. Or perhaps, a follower may just be gaining the gist of the information from what the blogger is blogging about. Ask yourself why you follow the blogs you follow. 

What did I learn/gain? 

I learned so much! I learned generic things like how-to’s with Simone (Life Inspired), to how I could see my own blog being run in the future like Abby’s (Abby Has Issues). I also came to learn that I gained a lot more followers and likes on individual posts of my blog when I was analyzing others’ blogs than when I just was posting something I had thoughts. I had major traffic throughout the project, and who knows maybe I’ll continue it. The interviewing was by far my favorite part.

That being said, I had so much fun with it! I was surprised by how easy it was to get in contact with the authors of the blogs and found it interesting that I had contacted two of the other bloggers, whom both said to email them after I had, and then I never heard from them again. A fluke? Perhaps. Nonetheless, I had my favorites. I had a blast with Amy from Vintage Reflection and truly admired the work she put into creating her blog. I found myself relating to Simone from Life Inspired in the various content she posts, but I found myself wanting to be like Abby, from Abby Has Issues, whom I really felt inspired by with not only her personal achievements but with her great sense of humor. I also had a change of mind with John, from The Droid You’re Looking For, as he changes his blog to alter the type of work he is doing, while also settling in awe with Jennifer from Small Food Business, as she started her blog because she found her line of work lacking information for others out there.

I also took away some little things.

-The simplicity or complexity of some of the blogs.

-John LaRue was okay swearing in some of his posts, where you didn’t find that in all of them.

-Amy was trying to really get her name out there in a variety of different ways as a hope for some freelance work.

-Abby didn’t have any pictures of herself on her blog in comparison to Simone who shares pictures of her daughter weekly and Amy who has her photographer boyfriend Dave shoot her weekly as well.

Everyone brought something new to the table, and I really enjoyed the work.

Changes for next time? 

If anything I would have liked to spend more time on each post, as well as be able to interview with each blogger instead of just 3 of them. I would improve on my time management and make my posts longer. All changes I am hoping to make if I continue analyzing blogs!

Favorite quotes from the experience:

Movie blogger John said: “I fully plan on continuing to write something about movies and TV for as long as people are willing to read it.” 

Fashion blogger Amy said: “I think I stay very true to my style and wouldn’t change this for more followers.” 

Foodie biz blogger Jennifer said: “Blogging is a great way to find your own voice and share your passions – whatever they may be – with the world. You have to be prepared to put in the time though and, ultimately, to be successful I think you have to love doing it even if your mom is your only reader.” 

Ta da!



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