A Procrastinated End

I’ll admit I have procrastinated this end quite a bit. I had a lot of fun with this project so I am really reluctant to it being over. Nonetheless, The Droid You’re Looking For deserves a proper analysis. If you missed my first posts on John LaRue’s site be sure to revert back to my first, Enjoying the Popcorn: Movie Blogging, my second post, Going Back for Seconds — An Extra Buttery Featurette, and my third post, Bergman, Hitchcock, OH MY!

And the analysis beckons.

1) How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

John already answered this for us in my second post, Going Back for Seconds — An Extra Buttery Featurette, where I had a mini interview with him about his blog. Read on about it there!

2) How is the blog performed in general?

John’s blog is used as a fairly loose performance space. He has gotten freelance work out of it he had said even though the blog isn’t very professional-looking to begin with. This must be a good thing! John’s blog is funny, opinionated, and light — everything a movie blog should be. It wasn’t anything used initially to obtain work in the first place, and even though John has gained some from it, he hasn’t a changed a thing. Dedication, kudos.

3) What kind of following does John have?

As far as I could tell John has a pretty strong following when it comes to his blog. There wasn’t a side bar or anything of the like (minus the 5, 471 followers blurb, but that could also be from sharing posts automatically via Twitter and Facebook) that told me how many followers he had or how many specific people liked which post like some of the other blogs I have worked with thus far, but he did have a substantial number of comments following each post he had written. In addition to that, the comments seemed to be from fans, who are real lovers of what John is writing about and even had some similar interests when it came to his opinion regarding directors, etc.

4) What is to be gained for John in general?

John has gained freelance work thanks to his blog and has been currently making the switch into adding new additions to his blog as he dips into the workings of a new field. He is adapting what he loves to the changings of his career and promise of his future. Hopefully only more good things are to come for John and his blog.

5) What is to be gained by following John’s blog?

Knowledge! And hilarity. When it comes to John’s blog, they seem to come hand in hand. Not only are you able to read about movies galore and the directors that put their blood, sweat, and tears into each feature, you can read John’s own personal opinions on all of the like. Lots of readers have seemed to have found solace in the fact that their own opinions seems to match John’s, aiding in a strong fan-base forming.

6) How is John’s blog structured?

John’s blog is structured fairly informally. Everything is simple and not overdone. He has a Recent Posts tab and a Blogroll tab to the right of the featured post, as the blog itself flows continually, bringing the readers back to older posts as they scroll further and further down.

7) What did I gain?

I gained insight into a how a more informal blog can be created but still used semi-professionally. I also gained insight into the different kind of blogs that can be created, the topic mill is never ending, and seriously a movie blog? So cool.

8) What did I learn?

I learned basically the same as what I gained. Duh. Those questions are basically the same but yet I have been fiddling around with them for five weeks.

Anywhoo, stick around for my final project analysis/write-up!


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