Going Back for Seconds – An Extra Buttery Featurette


Please excuse my sad movie-related innuendos.

John LaRue, writer on The Droid You’re Looking For, my featured blog this week was nice enough to answer some questions for me, so feel free to read on. Also, if you missed my first post about his blog, you might want to revert back here first.

Me: When and how did you begin blogging?

John: I started in March 2010. I had (and still have) daily conversations via email with a friend of mine, frequently about film and TV. He had been pushing me to create a blog for some time so I could have an outlet for all of the things we discuss. It originally started as a repository for stick figure drawings of my favorite movie scenes and some occasional film theory, but it eventually evolved into a grab bag of whatever came into my head regarding movies and TV shows. 

Me: How much time do you spend daily or weekly blogging?

John: Admittedly, this has dwindled quite a bit recently because of other commitments in my daily life. At my peak, I’d say I was spending 6-7 hours a week depending on the types of articles I’d post. Now, it’s probably around 1-2 hours. Some of my most involved infographics can take up to 20 hours, but I write that off as professional development.

Me: Dying to know what your top three movies are, will you share?

John: Oh boy… Only three? There are kind of two answers here. There’s the answer that’ll make me sound like a dreadful film snob. Those three would be Winter Light (1962), The Fire Within (1963), and The Phantom of Liberty (1974)… three foreign films full of sunshine and kitties and rainbows and lollipops. My more standard answer would be The Godfather, The Big Lebowski, and Hot Fuzz, three films I could watch 1,000 times over and never cease loving them for any reason.

Me: What kind of feedback do you generally receive from readers?

John: My feedback tends to be great. I love my readers because they come to my site, they engage with the content, and they love discussing movies and TV with me. It blows my mind sometimes that there are people around the country, around the world even, who visit tdylf.com and want to read the stuff that comes out of my head. I get such a kick out of that, and I love reading how people respond to what I’ve written. 

Me: What do you think can be gained for your readers as followers of your blog?

John: As much as anything, I hope it’s enthusiasm for movies and TV. It’s easy to say bad things about film, but nobody’s paying me for that, and I’d rather try to learn about what a film does right rather than what it does wrong. Movie history runs so deep and there’s something in it for everyone. Every single person can find a movie that speaks to them on some level, and I absolutely love that. I would hope that at least some of that inherently rubs off to the readers.

Me: What do you believe has been gained for yourself?

John: Having this blog has helped me discover other sites where I can learn more about movies- what works, what doesn’t work, what makes a classic a classic and a blockbuster a success. It’s like a miniature film school for free.

Me: Do you plan to continue your blog in the future?

While my focus has changed a bit in the last year or so, moving more towards data visualization and infographics, I fully plan on continuing to write something about movies and TV for as long as people are willing to read it. 

Me: Has your blogging aided in your writing being published? What kind of world has the blogging world opened for you?

John: Strangely enough, recently, my co-workers discovered a lot of the data visualization/infographics I’ve done for my site, and it opened some doors for me in my professional life. Having this blog has also allowed me to reach audiences so much larger than I ever expected when I started. I even have some freelance jobs now specifically for movie sites.

I’ve also been very fortunate because some of my articles have found their way in front of the people who make some of my favorite movies.

Me: Anything else you would like to share?

John: As for anything else, I’d say that blogging is a great way to hone your skills and your interests, whatever they may be. For me, having tdylf.com has gotten me published a few times, enabled me to work on my skills as a graphic designer, and given me an outlet to talk about something that I enjoy deeply.

Well said, John! Keep check back for more on John and The Droid You’re Looking For.



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