Enjoying the Popcorn: Movie Blogging

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Winner of the 2012 Lammys (The Large Association of Movie Blogs) for Funniest Writer (see above), John LaRue is a graphic designer/production editor/print purchaser/data visualization geek, or so he says. In his spare time he likes to watch a “boatload” of movies, and enjoys writing about them, which is what he does on his blog, The Droid You’re Looking For. He resides currently in St. Louis, Missouri where he posts frequently about the movies he watches. In addition to his movie-loving, John is a die-hard baseball fan. A previous job of his was an intern as a Media Relations Director, but he now settles for supporting the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of John’s recent and past accomplishments have included; work featured on io9, Grantland, Movies.com, Wired, Slate.com, and the Toronto Star. John was also featured on the now-defunct IMDB Hit List 21 times and his work has been published in I Love Charts: The Book and The Best American Infographics 2013.

On the About page for John’s blog, I read about his preference in genre and his favorite filmmakers.

He wrote, “I enjoy French films (nearly every aspect of them), horror films and premium cable TV (Breaking Bad). Ingmar Bergman and Buster Keaton are my yin and yang.” John also listed the notable Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese (twice, even), and Edgar Wright as a few of his preferred directors, and noted that, “this list could continue on forever.”

John also provides a separate tab on his blog entitled, 5 Directors, where he has posted about his five favorite directors in order. To give a sneak peek into what my second post will about I will post his preferences, but will say the “whys” until later this week. John’s list as follows:

1. Ingmar Bergman

2. Luis Buñuel

3. Louis Malle

4. Akira Kurosawa

5. Alfred Hitchcock

Embarrassingly enough, and maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, I haven’t heard of any of the 1-4 listed filmmakers. I’ve at least heard of Hitchcock, but haven’t seen any full-length movies by him, only interviews and clips, etc. I have a lot to learn this week.

As I sifted and snooped through John’s comments on his pages, I learned that I am definitely not the first person to do a little write-up about his blog or to feature him on my own. All feedback I read was completely positive and seems to exert the feeling that he has a strong fan-base forming. John has since archived his work all the way back to March of 2010.

Now that I hopefully have all the movie-lover’s attention, I will bid adieu.

Stay tuned for more!



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