Touring the Studios, Or Something

So, this week instead of me answering questions about what I did well, not well, etc., I am to search and snoop around three of my classmates’ work and chat to cyberspace about it.

Here I go.

First up is Amber. A link to her project can be found here, but I will explain it anyways.

Amber set out to construct an Alternative Fashion Wiki, where she primarily provides information on the Steampunk, Mori, Gothic Victorian, and Lolita aesthetics. A link to her page can be found here. Amber was able to personalize her wiki in a way that is similar to a blog. It becomes much more personable to her style and personality.


She has listed several photos and videos that can correlate directly with the kinds of alternative fashion styles she has chosen to provide information about. Her interactive way of wiki-ing has created a solid format for Amber to share her information.

Gothic Victorian fashion puts a dark twist on Victorian-Era styles,” she writes.

Lolita fashion focuses on modesty and good quality materials.”

“The primary features in Steampunk are steam powered machinery, retro-futuristic weaponry, and clockwork parts, such as cogs and gears.”

Go to her site to read more.

Next up is Anna. Once again you can read about her project here, but I’ll give you the gist of it also.

Anna focused on Teaching Writing with Wikis: Resources and Implications for Use, where she formed a collection of materials that relate to the theory and pedagogy of using wikis in the writing classroom. She set out to collect and curate resources that are readily available online for writing instructors either thinking about or currently using wikis in their writing courses. A link to her work can be found here.


More specifically though, I’ve been observing on what she has been up to lately with her project. She helps you get started with Wiki Basics, utilizing videos to aid with any confusion. She shares examples of wikis that have been/currently are being utilized for courses in Examples of Course Wikis with links to guide the newbie. She shares the Benefits, explains How Tags Work, and honestly wrote about some Possible Pitfalls.

The biggest thing about Anna’s wiki that remains helpfully constant is her use of links. She surely reached her goal as she shared the resources that would be the most helpful, while also sharing her own thoughts regarding her topic of using wikis in the classroom. She also is able to share her own experiences and observations as a result of being a student in classes that utilize wikis, as well as being a teacher that utilizes them herself.

Finally, last but not least is Ashley, whom we are all jealous of because she was trekking around the other side of the world during this project.

Ashley worked on sharing her EuroSpring Experience, as she wrote on her blog about her time in Oxford and London, England, as well as in Dublin, Ireland. So jealous. A link to her blog can be found here. But be sure to read up on her project here first.

On Ashley’s blog, Surviving Free Time, My way, I read about Ashley’s five weeks abroad where she posted about the first couple days without sleep, in All I want to do is Eat, Sleep, and Brush my Teeth and fighting a cold among learning about Jane Austen in Tuesday’s Adventure. Towards the end of March Ashley made it to Dublin and posted about her time at the zoo in What a day! By the first week of April Ashley was posting about Westminster Abbey, The Sherlock Holmes Museum and the London Bridge in Quickly Watson, to Westminster Abbey! By her last posts of the trip Ashley shared her expectations for the tests to come and how packing up after a trip is like a game of tetris. You can catch pictures of her with two of her professors in The second to last page.


Overall, and to be completely honest, Ashley’s blog was one of my favorites to read about. She had very exciting, lengthy posts that took us right through every single day with her. She even shared what she had for breakfast every single day, which was perfect for me because who doesn’t like to read about food?

She included so many great pictures and had little captions for each or had created a mini collage that played while you read through her post. Between being sick, going to class, studying, and trekking through England and Ireland I don’t know how she was able to post so much and so often. Kudos Ashley, and glad to have you back!

Andddd, just in case you missed it, for your reading pleasure not my own, here were my posts on Abby Has Issues this week. And a sneak peek into next week, where I will be deciphering The Droid You’re Looking For.

16 April – Who is Abby?

16 April – Deciphering the Issues

17 April – The Gist of Abby Has Issues

P.S. Abby even commented, so check it out.


Next week:





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