The Gist of Abby Has Issues


It’s that time of the week.

We go down from the usual ten questions to eight, as Abby doesn’t have any recipes, etc. Read on.


1) How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

I’m pretty much riding the guess-timation train on this but Abby seems to blog around two times a week, at least. I can imagine this is how she maintains her following. More specifically by keeping her posts short, sweet, and sassy, which seems to be a pretty common theme throughout.

2) What am I learning?

I am learning how to be funny.

Just kidding, a little. Abby is funny though, she has the perfect personality for blogging. Or for my type of blogging. I am also learning that with a career like I wish to have she still is able to write creatively, which is a big deal to me, and I love to see how it is working for her. She is also able to use her blog as a performance space and promote her books, which whether or not it is making a difference in the sales is fun to do, and surely caught my attention.

Also, my mom texted me about it.

Mom: That Abby blog is hilarious.

P.S. Thanks for reading my blog, mom.

3) How is Abby’s blog performed in general?

Abby uses her blog as, originally I feel just a place to write creatively, but now in addition to that, she uses it as a space to promote her books as well. Thus, now I feel Abby has reached a happy medium between the two, her blog not focusing primarily on one or the other.

4) How is Abby’s blog structured?

Abby’s blog is structured quite simply, but it works. It really works. Her hilarity shines through and there is no need for an excess of blogular details. It is easily the most simple blog I have “researched” thus far,  but like I said before, it works. Her blog is more specifically used as a thought release, and therefore the simplicity is appreciated.

5) What kind of following does Abby have?

Abby has a really strong following, with lots of comments and likes littering each of her posts. She is quite obviously writing the gist of what people want to read about, including me. I am curious as to how that following has expanded over time, and will in the future.


6) What is to be gained for Abby by blogging in general?

Lots can be gained for Abby! She has been promoting her five (!) books left and right, as well as sharing her impossibly hilarious humor, which has already gained a strong following, like I stated above. I am interested in what her long term blog goals may be, but for now I can only conclude that she will continue to use it as an informal performance space, like she has been continuously doing. Not to say that it hasn’t been working!

7) What is to be gained by me, as a reader?

Lately I have been “researching” bloggers that have been using their blogs as more formal professional work spaces, as a way to get their names out there. Abby seemingly has been doing that but in a much more informal way. This though, may appeal to her followers more and has aided in building up the type of following she has now.

8) What will I share?

Everything. Abby is hilarious. ‘Nuff said.

Over and out.



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