Deciphering the Issues


Abby Heugel is Abby Has Issues if you missed my first post. And if you did, be sure to revert back here to get caught up.

I definitely centered my focus mainly upon Abby’s books in my first post, so in this one we are going to bring it on back a tad and check out what is actually on her blog.

To be fair, Abby’s blog is pretty basic. She has her list of books along the right side, and the list of topics she has posted about along the left. The middle column is reserved for whatever Abby is talking about that day, or week, or whichever. Several of her posts have quite a few comments so you can scroll forever to read what others have said. While already have covered the About Abby tab and the Buy the Books tab on Abby’s blog, we haven’t yet covered the Professional Issues tab. I’m dying to know what that one is about.

With a blog tagline of “I have issues. So do you.” this has got to be good. It is here where Abby explains what she does for a living, has done prior, and what she hopes to accomplish in the future (sarcastically of course, at least I think).

Abby graduated with a degree in professional writing (which is what I am also working towards, twinsies), where she then went on to experience everything from freelance sports writing non-profit communications to being an editorial assistant for a professional sports team.

Go, sports.

However, for the past six years she has been a writer and editor for national trade publications. She contributes more than 100 nationally published features a year, and is also responsible for all additional editorial content of the magazines, newsletters, and enewsletters. Thus, while her days are spent writing seriously, she resorts to Abby Has Issues to write creatively and quite frequently humorously.

Finally, Abby shares that her ultimate goal is to become independently wealthy so she can live on an island, where she will work on her exotic container gardens while tirelessly devoting herself to perfecting the slow motion “Baywatch” jog.

There it is.

In addition, Abby has an abundance of hilarious posts, so be sure to hang around on her site for a while. My favorites thus far have been, A Motivational Speech for my Vacuum, Stars! They’re Just Like Us!, and Saying “I Do” to Equality.

Feel free to indulge and happy reading!



  1. Hello again!

    I have to be honest in saying that I don’t know why you chose me or if this is a school project or what, but I love reading your perspective. I really have no idea how people see my blog or writing from the outside. I’m just glad you don’t totally hate it!

    My blog IS super basic and simple, mostly because a) it’s a free WordPress blog and not self-hosted and b) I’m tech-stupid and don’t know how to self-host and make things all pretty. I also don’t have ads (you can’t on the free site) and just kind of like things more simple.

    I honestly put much more emotional investment into my blog and social networking than I do my own job, but you have to pay the bills 😉 I’m grateful for the outlet and the awesome people I’ve met over the years. So while it’s really frustrating at times that some “meh” blogs and writers “make it big” while I stay a tiny peon, I really do do it for me…I think 😉

    If you ever have any more questions, feel free to email me! I would love to ramble.

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