Reflecting with Food & More

It’s the end of week three and the start of week four! Woohoo, time is flying magnificently!

I do have to admit this week did get the best of me though. I had a hard time starting out and missed valuable time on Jennifer Lewis’s Small Food Business blog. However, I did contact her early in the week and she answered all the questions I had about her blog and more. Thus, towards the end of the week I decided to make her blog a weekend feature, and I proceeded to bust out all of my thoughts in a series of posts.

Late Friday I sent out my first post, Small Foodie Businesses: Seattle Style. Early in the day Saturday, I sent out my second post, Taking on the Food Business World: An Interview with Jennifer Lewis. Later in the day on Saturday I sent out my final post, It’s a Wrap — An Analysis and Summary.

Overall, my only trouble was my time frame. As school gets closer and closer to its end, I become ironically, a horrible procrastinator. In addition to that, Jennifer’s blog is set up differently than the others I have covered thus far, making it more difficult for me to come at it in the angles I have been approaching the others.

Next, however, I will be moving into week four at warp speed and will be taking on Abby Has Issues. Stay tuned!




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