Speaking Science – A Language I Can’t Comprehend

A couple of friends and I made our way to the 15th Annual Student Scholarship & Creative Achievement Conference this past Wednesday.

First, a little history.

“The annual event represents the achievements of our students as demonstrated through the scholarship of discovery, creativity, and application. The conference also reflects the university’s ability to create a learner-centered environment. This event celebrates our students’ excellence in both original scholarship and artistic endeavor. Their presentations represent the range of academic disciplines and aesthetic pursuits that are the life of the university.”

We trekked into the Crying Wolf Room of Bemidji State University and browsed the several poster topics. We landed on Ephippia Production in Daphnia When Influenced by Environmental Stress.

Quite obviously something we three knew nothing about.

After talking with the three researchers of the topic, we found out that despite all of the work they had done thus far in the semester, their hypothesis had not come true.

Post talking about their poster, I realized something. The thing about college is this; everyone has a major. Duh, I know. But every major has its own language, and by being enclosed in the spaces of the same classrooms, in the same buildings, in the same departments, we all become privy to our own majorial language.

This one just happened to be something I knew nothing about. Science. And more specifically than that, aquatic biology.

Right over my head.

However, I did learn that this is what Daphnia look like (see below), and that it is a crustacean. Ugly little things.



I also learned that I will be sticking to English.




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