Small Foodie Businesses: Seattle Style


It’s week three and our blog type is shifting a tad. Enter Small Food Business.

In addition to this, keep an eye out for all blog posts about Small Food Business throughout the weekend. They shouldn’t be missed.

I started learning about Small Food Business on the About page. There I learned about Jennifer Lewis (see below), an entrepreneur in the small food business world. She was on her way into creating her small food business when she realized how there was a large lack of information and resources regarding the world of artisan food owners and aspiring food entrepreneurs. Thus, the Small Food Business blog was born.


On Jennifer’s main page, she has the created links to the very tools every small food business owner hopes for:

Nutrition Labels – Affordable nutrition facts labels.

Dollars & Sense – Know how much your products cost you to make and how to price them so that you make a profit.

Webinars & Workshops – A full line-up of food business classes and webinars scheduled for the next few months.

Feeling Overwhelmed? – Coaching & consulting.


In addition to these, and other resourceful articles (The Best Hire Your Small Business Will Ever Make, Price of Lime Soars – How Is That Impacting Your Food Costs?, Sales of Specialty Food Products Soar), Small Food Business has expanded itself across a wide range of social networking sites, such as; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Every page accessible has a variety of clickable links for the outside blogger or reader. The overall content on Jennifer’s blog is incredibly user friendly. Check out some of these links, in addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned above.

Workshops & Tools

Start Your Food Business

Expand Your Food Business

Knowledge Pantry

As a detour in my first post on Jennifer Lewis’ Small Food Business, I am going to share some of the questions I asked her in another mini “interview” this week.

Me: When and how did you get into blogging? And why set up your blog like this?

Jennifer: I never set out to create a blog, it came about organically.  After I published my first book (Starting a Part-Time Food Business), I realized late one night that I should probably have a website to support it.  If you look back at the first few posts over 4 years ago you can see how the blog was struggling to find it’s voice and what role it was going to play.  The blog has evolved significantly since it’s not really a personal blog, like so many out there, so I pay a lot of attention to what my readers what to know about and try to answer those questions so they find the time they spend on the site is useful. 

Me: In your About page, you voice how your site or blog is aimed to create the “type of resourceful artisan food community” you always wished existed. Do you think you have accomplished this?

Jennifer: I think I’m partway there but there’s things that can be improved (aka – some big ideas I need to implement) in order to make it even better.  Ultimately I think I’d like to make the site into almost a digital incubator for food businesses but exactly how I do that is something I’m still working on.  You know what they say though, you constantly have to be pushing yourself to the next boundary in order to stay ahead of competition which means I try to overdeliver on what my readers want and answer questions they didn’t even know they had.

Me: What kind of feedback do you generally receive?

Jennifer: The feedback has been tremendous and all the site traffic (more than 25,000 monthly visitors…not huge, but not bad for my little site) has all been built organically without any marketing put towards the site.  Just a few months ago I started to do a little bit of marketing and a little bit of PR but really what’s been driving the traffic is that this is information people are looking for so that in and of itself is very rewarding.  And I hear from people all the time that the site or certain articles have been really helpful to them in their business endeavors which makes me smile every single time I hear it as that means I’m doing what I set out to do.

Just a little sneak peek! In my next post I will share more of the questions I asked Jennifer with the answers she gave, as well as share more links and information that is displayed on her site. Stay tuned!





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