It’s a Wrap! — An Analysis and Summary


This weekend has been all about Jennifer Lewis’ Small Food Business blog. If you’ve missed my first two posts, revert back here to Small Foodie Businesses: Seattle Style and Taking on the Food Business World: An Interview with Jennifer Lewis to catch up!

Jennifer surely hasn’t a lack of information on her blog. From Small Food Business Books to Entrepreneur Interviews to the very gist of Mobile Food Businesses, Jennifer actually has it all. And quite frankly, it’s fairly impossible to not be sucked right in and end up reading every article she has ever written on her blog. The amount of research and information she is sharing is just undeniably endless.

Thus, it’s time to answer a few questions of my own.

1) How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

Jennifer already answered this for us! Revert to the links above to read what she had to say!

2) How is the blog performed in general?

Jennifer uses her blog has a professional performance space. However, this is the most professional blog I have worked with thus far. There are no visible likes of her posts or comments, etc. You cannot see the other blogs Jennifer follows as it is set up differently than a “normal” WordPress. She uses it purely for business purposes, as to spread knowledge about the small business world, primarily the foodie business world. She also has a Shopping Cart tab, where readers, bloggers, and the like can purchase the books, tools, and all of the above to aid in all of their small food business endeavors.

3) How is the blog structured?

Like I stated above, the blog is structured incredibly professionally. It is more professional overall than it is personal, differing from the majority of the WordPress blogs I have covered thus far, and that are out and about in cyberspace as a whole. The blog is set up as a website, but remains to be incredibly user friendly to the outside blogger or reader, and has helped in creating a strong following for Jennifer and Small Food Business.

4) Are suggestions seemingly do-able?

Everything Jennifer posts about or uploads caters to her audience in a way that can only be useful and helpful. Like she stated in our mini interview, she aims to post about everything and anything, so that bloggers and readers have questions answered that they didn’t even know they had. In addition, Jennifer has an E-newsletter, which will send all new information about the Small Food Business world directly to reader’s inboxes monthly.

5) What can be gained by following Small Food Business?

As a whole, readers and fellow bloggers can learn the ins and outs of how to start up their very own small food businesses, while also learning what Jennifer has done to maintain her own.

6) What can be gained by Small Food Business’s author, Jennifer?

If anything, Jennifer has been gaining all she can since starting her blog/site. Like she stated earlier in our interview, she receives more than 25,000 monthly visitors to her blog. And that is all without marketing and PR work, which she has just recently started in on, so hopefully with that extra time and work, Jennifer will be able to build an even stronger fanbase.

7) What kind of following does she have?

Unfortunately, I am unable to tell as her blog is set up differently than the other WordPress ones, but we can go off of the information she gave us of having a steady 25,000+ visitors every month.

8) What did I learn?

I learned how much there really is to know when starting your own small food business, or just maintaining it in general. In addition to that, I learned what else you can do with a WordPress site, and that is the how Jennifer sets up her own blog. In the business world, this is the way to do it, and every answer to every questions is seemingly taken care of.

9) What did I gain?

Like the above, I gained knowledge into how to create a different kind of blog. One that surely has worked in the professional world, and is continually working. I also learned that being proactive can only help you in the long run, much like the mind-set of Jennifer Lewis, who created her blog/site because there was a lack of resources and tools at the time she was starting her small food business.

10) What will I share?

Everything. There isn’t a thing that shouldn’t be.



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