Vintage Reflecting



With week two of our projects coming to a close I am happy to report that I feel as if this week went better than last week. Not only because I was able to reach my personal goal of posting 3 times with 600+ words, but also because I was able to change it up with a sharing of my interview with Vintage Reflection’s Amy Purfield-Clark! What a help that was, and once again, I thank you for your time this week.

This week I analyzed Vintage Reflection! Vintage Reflection is a blog by Amy Purfield-Clark, a fairly new-ish resident to London. How exciting is that? Her blog showcases her personal style as well as her portfolio. Revert to the schedule below to follow what I did this week.

On Wednesday (4/2) I wandered through Amy’s blog and learned more about her through her pages and descriptions, pictures and illustrations. Check out what I mean here, on Amy Meets London & A Vintage Reflection.

Friday (4/4) was the day I posted my mini “interview” with Amy. I asked her a series of questions and she responded within the day, which was really surreal and fun to be a part of, chatting with someone across the globe and through a blogging project! Read up on all of Amy’s answers about her blog here, on Mind Surfing with Vintage Reflection.

Finally on Saturday (4/5) I reverted back to Amy’s blog to share what I missed on my first pass, and also responded to my own questions I had set up at the beginning of this project. End this week by reading here, on Style Right, Blog Right.

I think this week went exceptionally well and I have to thank Amy for that as it helped my project from heading down a repetitive path early on. The interview was able to put a spin on my findings as I was able to ask Amy exactly what I wanted to about her blog instead of trying to figure out the answers myself.

This coming week I will be analyzing Small Food Business!


Stay tuned to find out more. And in the meantime, be sure to check out all my postings this past week on Vintage Reflection, and head to Amy’s boyfriend Dave’s site at Shooting Dave to check out some of his work too!



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