Style Right, Blog Right


If I’ve taken anything away from Amy, it’s how to blog better. Among other things of course. I might need to update my wardrobe. That’s beside the point though, and quite honestly she is an inspiration.

As the week comes to a close, it is time to address the questions I had set up to ask myself at the end of each week.

1) How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

Amy already answered this for us, as I got to ask her a few questions this week! Revert here if you missed it!

2) How is the blog performed in general?

Amy uses her blog as a way to get her name out there. Through this though she has gained a pretty solid following, and like she stated in our mini “interview” she has gotten freelance work due to using her blog as a public performance space to post and add to her portfolio.

3) How is the blog structured?

Amy’s blog is structured in a way that I would label it as “modernly professional.” Like stated just above, Amy uses her space to get her name out there, and while keeping her blog structured in a professional manner it is no wonder she has gotten freelance work. The kicker though, is how she does this. She updates her blog weekly and checks it daily, keeping it fresh and light. Her pictures are all professional done, by her boyfriend Dave, aiding in the overall professionalism of the blog itself, while highlighting the content of her pictures –vintage yes, but also cool, edgy, new, and most of all, relatable.

Not only is Amy getting her name out there, she is doing it in a way that is not only professional and classy, but in a way that also showcases her style. All the while she continues to make it (her blog) interesting and fun to her followers and readers.

4) Are suggestions seemingly do-able?

Amy, I believe, showcases her style in a way that is able to make readers interested. She lists what she is wearing and provides links to other photo shoots where she has worn the same piece before, in a different outfit. Like Amy earlier stated in our interview, “I hope [readers] gain tips and ideas on how they can style and re-style their wardrobe, how to mix high street buys with vintage and thrift ones.”  I think this is accomplished to the fullest possible degree as she doesn’t try to push readers to buy anything or exactly share how to mix what with that. It is all about your own personal style and Amy is just sharing hers.

5) What can be gained by following Vintage Reflection?

Style tips and tricks, as well as inspiration and ideas for putting together new outfits. Also, insight into how to set up a blog if you are looking to use your own for a similar profession!

6) What can be gained for Vintage Reflection’s author, Amy?

Amy has already been hitting her mark as a blogger with Vintage Reflection. She has gained a solid following as well as even receiving an award for her blog from the ladies at Laura Ashley. In addition she stated how she has been asked to do some freelance work by word of mouth from her blog. If anything, hopefully all her numbers will continue to rise and more positive opportunities will come flying her way!

7) What kind of following does she have?

She has a strong following, like I’ve stated several times before. Each post she has done has several likes by a variety of bloggers. Check out what I mean in the photo below. Keep it up, Amy!


8) What did I learn?

I learned a lot in general about Amy and what she is striving to do as a blogger, as well as what she has accomplished thus far. I have also learned a lot about the different types of blogging (see below).

9) What did I gain?

I gained insight into how to conduct a different type of blog. Amy uses her blog as a professional workspace for her portfolio but does so in a way that is stay so seemingly true to her personality and style that it doesn’t read as a rigid and boring sales pitch to her work. I admire her range as a blogger!

10) What will I share?

Everything. There is nothing I haven’t wanted to share from Vintage Reflection, and I will continue to share what I haven’t before my time runs out for this week!


In addition, here are some things that I found to be interesting while searching through Amy’s blog!

See what London is all about — Trinity Store Café

Check out Vintage Reflection’s New Year Photo Shoot! (Don’t forget to check out Dave’s page too!) — Fleur de Peau

Summer Photography by Amy and Dave — Pretty Photographs

Mouth watering food takes — Benugo

Amy gets a haircut, from Dave’s perspective — The Kings Canary #2

Hot on the streets of London! — The Fashionable


Thanks, Amy!




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