Mind Surfing with Vintage Reflection

I apologize for the slow couple days without posts. Balancing work, homework, and classes is becoming increasingly difficult as the semester starts to speed up and come to a close.

Now let’s get started!

Remember Amy Purfield-Clark (below), our blogger of the week? Missed my first post on her? Revert here to catch up!


Earlier in the week I emailed Amy, asking if she would be interested in answering some questions — which I thought would be a long shot. Little to my surprise that night I was informed that I had a viewer of my blog from the United Kingdom, and in just a few short hours I had an email from Amy, saying how she would be happy to answer some questions and for me to tell her more about my project.

Missed my project proposal? Revert here so you don’t miss anything.

In addition to this, I got a tweet from Amy the next morning (below)! What a great start to my week this all was! You can follow Amy on twitter here, if interested.


Through emailing, I asked Amy a number of questions about her blog. So before we delve back into researching and learning more about Vintage Reflection, I’m going to share the mini “interview” Amy and I had. Enjoy!


Me: You mentioned in your blog that moving to London was the best decision you and Dave could have made. In terms of your current job, blog, etc. Do you think/has the move aided in any or all of your current or past successes? 
(i.e Without London, there would be no (London) Street Style. Would it have the same affect if you lived in the United States?) 

Amy: Moving to London has opened up lots of opportunities for climbing the career ladder and to be invited to blog events and general networking. It’s also been a lot of fun living in the big smoke! I think certain aspects of my blog would work in any part of the world but others are best in London, street style for example. London is buzzing with so many subcultures and budding fashionistas that its a great place for street photography. I also feel London has given me space to grow and develop my clothing style. It’s very easy to be inspired and get your hands on the latest trends.

Funny you ask about America, Dave and I would love to move to the States, we just need to get working on climbing the career ladders and hopefully landing a job out there!

Me: Do you think/has your blog in general, or by using it as a professional performance space, has assisted in any or all of your current or past successes?

Amy: I do use the blog as an online portfolio and to show companies what I’m about. It’s also a huge achievement to have so many followers and I’m really grateful for this. I guess it shows, hard work and dedication to keep the blog striving forward.  I’ve been lucky enough to obtain freelance work as a stylist and illustrator through the blog, which is very handy indeed.

Me: Have you received any other awards for your blog? (Other than the Laura Ashley Blogger of the Month)

Amy: I haven’t, I was very surprised to receive this award. It was a great honor and a nice to know the lovely ladies at Laura Ashley rate my blog! I get lots of style icon and nomination awards from other bloggers but thats my only award sadly, who knows maybe I’ll have more in the future. Something to work towards!

Me: How did you get into blogging, or start primarily?

Amy: My blog started out as an assignment for my Masters degree, originally my friend was the face of the boy, then I joined in to help her (when she became camera shy) and in the end she was unreliable and I started doing outfit photographs by myself and got higher hit ratings. I built the blog up over my year course. I enjoyed creating and blogging so much that I kept it up after my studies were over, four years later I’m still at it!

Me: How much time is spent daily/weekly blogging?

Amy: I find it tougher in the winter months to create content and most weeks are spent taking outfit pictures but in the summer months its a lot easier. We can take outfit pictures in the evenings when Dave is home from work and while its still light out (We work very different schedules and only see each other for a couple of hours in the evenings). I try to have at least two strong outfit posts each week and sometimes have little top up posts, which can be street style, illustrations or food posts. I find these are good fillers and help keep my content fresh. I would say I spent a good couple hours over a few days on blogging, I check my stats and comments daily and try to reply to comments when possible or relevant. Including emails from PR and followers, planning and taking the photographs, editing the photographs and then writing the blog it does take up rather a lot of time but all in a good and winding down from my day job, kind of way.

Me: What kind of feedback to you generally receive?

Amy: Generally positive, I have had a couple of people leave comments saying they would of styled the outfit with heels or they don’t like my shoe taste but it wouldn’t be my blog if I wore heels. I think I stay very true to my style and wouldn’t change this for more followers. If they don’t like my Dr Martens or brogues collection my blog really isn’t for them! I wouldn’t change my style for other people, only for me and my wants.

Me: Do you plan on maintaining your blog in the future?

Amy: I really enjoy blogging and having the creative outlet, documenting outfits and seeing my ever changing hair styles. So yes, I would continue and I guess if people continue to read it I’ll keep it up!

Me: What do you expect your readers can gain from following your blog?

Amy: I hope they gain tips and ideas on how they can style and re-style their wardrobe, how to mix high street buys with vintage and thrift ones.  To have the confidence to put yourself and your style out there, and you don’t have to be super skinny to be on trend and wear what you want!

Thank you so much for your time, Amy!

Stay tuned for more on Amy Purfield-Clark and Vintage Reflection tomorrow!


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