The Artificial Language of Programming


So, my best friend, Amanda, is going to school for Video Game Application and Development at the Minnesota School of Business. How rad is that?

Anyways, she recently just started a new quarter and is now taking all new classes than the ones she just completed a week ago. So now she is in adjustment mode, as we all continuously tend to be with the weather and the 80 feet of snow we just received. It’s April. … Just let that sink in.

One of her classes is a programming course, one of which I am completely dense about. When I asked her to explain she said, “Programming is like a whole different language. Not one of which you speak, but perhaps a more artificial language that communicates using code and instructions to run a machine, which is usually a computer.”

Still lost.

She continued though.

“Besides running computers, the programming language is what makes up different programs or controls the behavior of how things run, etc. And there are certain commands too,” she said. “It’s complicated to learn, but I guess any language kind of is. I guess programming defines how something works, it explains and puts things into context when it comes to computers and computer programs.”

The language part, I get. The computer part however, no thank you. I’m interested in what she will be learning this quarter though, and what she will be excited to share with me about. Stay tuned for more on this in my Language Journal. In addition, if you want to read more about Amanda and her trek through the “Video Game Design World of College,” check out her blog, So here’s the deal, as well as her latest post on school, programming, and her long term goals.



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