Amy Meets London & A Vintage Reflection

Laura Ashley Blogger of the Month, Amy Purfield-Clark is Vintage Reflection.


With archives going all the way back to November of 2009, Amy has a strong fan base forming. In addition to this, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Down to the nitty gritty. Amy currently lives in London with her boyfriend Dave, who is the photographer for her blog. Amy and Dave made the trek to London nearly two years ago. Amy studied fashion design at a university and then went on to get her masters in fashion styling. Right now, her summer plans include setting up an online vintage store, but she plans to open her own boutique in the future.

A recent post of Amy’s has over 100 comments from fans, viewers, and fellow bloggers as well as a solid 140+ likes on her post in general from other WordPress users. You can read some of these comments here on her About Me page, as well as catch up on what Amy’s current job is.

As a scroll on the side of the blog, Amy has added a “select a category” tab, where readers and followers can click on everything from “Food & Drink” to “What I Wore Today.”

Be sure to check out Amy’s page, This Blog, as you will find out what it is you will come across of on her blog as a whole. As Amy states, “you will find my personal style, photography, and [my] fashion portfolio. This is a place where I can share my fashion stylings and creations.” She separates her work into three columns, as she explains each into more detail.


“Personal Style- My daily outfit posts, mixing vintage with high street goodies. I’m addicted to floral prints and bright colours no matter how hard I try not to be. The past inspires me more than the future does.

Photography- I have a Canon 600D and Dave uses a Canon 5D Mark3 as well as a 50D too. We take all photos on this site unless otherwise stated.

Portfolio- I will be sharing my portfolio with you, which consists of fashion styling and illustrations. Creating styling shoots is my favorite thing to do.”


Amy’s blog differs greatly from the classic “blog world” as she sets herself apart in not only her style, but her writing in general, and the way she showcases her interests. Keep reading on for specific examples.

Amy’s tab, Street Style, showcases the fashion styles that are sweeping across the United Kingdom. Not surprisingly, they are a lot more fashion forward than we are here in the United States. See below.


Amy also showcases her own illustrations as a fashion guru, check it out here. And on her Styling page, Amy shares pictures of work she has done on a series of different photo shoots. See below. Want more? Click here.


Amy also links to her boyfriend Dave’s page, Shooting Dave, which you can check out here, if interested.

In closing for tonight, one of Amy’s most popular pages, which was stated earlier as well, is What I Wore Today. Here you can catch a weekly photo shoot of Amy in a signature outfit that she has put together herself. This week’s theme (March 30, 2014), is No Parking. (Image below).


In her weekly outfit post, and in addition to the several pictures done by her boyfriend Dave, Amy provides her readers with a list of what she is wearing and where the items are from. For this particular photo shoot Amy is wearing;

Jacket – Army Surplus

T-Shirt – Primark

Skirt & Necklace – Wallis

Bag – Miu Miu

Sunglasses – TopShop

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Dr. Martens

In her post, Amy also links the item worn to past posts in which she may have worn the same item before. The link brings the readers to that specific archived page, with a new outfit and photo shoot that has previously been done.

Stay tuned, as later this week we will delve deeper into more of Amy’s Vintage Reflection categories, and will begin tackling some of the questions that were addressed in Simone’s Life Inspired blog posts. Missed those? Or anything thus far? Revert to the schedule below to backtrack.

* Project Proposal

* Blogging About Blogging, and Other Non-Redundancies

* Living Inspired

* Delving Deeper with Life Inspired

* A Life Inspired: An Analysis of Week One


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