Delving Deeper with Life Inspired

I’ve been working on this one for a while so I apologize for getting up later than I planned. Nonetheless, take two with Simone and Life Inspired! Revert back here to learn more about her blog in my first post.


Now, let’s address some questions!

1) How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

Simone’s archives have been listed back until around June of 2013. With that, Simone is still building a following and is fairly new to the blogging world. Through having difficulty in locating the exact dates of each of her posts I am unable to calculate Simone’s overall time spent daily and weekly blogging. Unfortunately, Simone has not/did not respond to my request for contact, but will hopefully by the end of the project in order to have a more specific answer to this question.

2) How is the blog performed in general?

Simone’s blog is performed as a way to get her name out there, while also being used as an outlet for all of her creative ideas. Simone is the owner of her own firm that specializes in marketing, media and even management. The majority of Simone’s posts follow the theme of relating to her work life with posts such as; 3 Tips To Help You Plan Your Next Party and How To Throw A Philanthroparty That’s Fun and Fulfilling.

3) How is the blog structured?

Life Inspired is structured formally and informally. Simone writes professionally and in a professional format, but her she includes a large personal element to the overall structure. Simone writes about her life in general, while also focusing on her daughter as she is growing up and continuously keeping her and her husband busy as parents.

4) Are suggestions (recipes, etc.) seemingly do-able?

Simone includes several DIY (Do It Yourself) (DIY: Create A Bento Box Of Fun), event party ideas (How To Throw A Philanthroparty That’s Fun and Fulfilling), and recipes for every meal of the day (Eat and Tell: Pumpkin Spice Applesauce). She caters to her audience with easy and fun ideas, but also caters to her business as she shares and blogs about topics that also relate to her marketing and media management background.

5) What can be gained by following Life Inspired?

As a parent, Simone offers tons of easy recipes and party ideas for children and more (Birthday Party: Tinkerbell Fairies and Pirates), which caters to the every day mother, as she not only blogs ideas and creative party plans, but also tips on de-stressing and ways to manage a busy life (4 Tips To Spark Your Creativity, Between Us: Overcoming Being Overwhelmed). In her range, Simone is able to maintain a dedicated following by bloggers who share similar interests, etc.

6) What can be gained for Life Inspired’s author, Simone?

It can be believed that Simone caters to her audience through the topics she posts in regards to the position she holds as a wife, mother, and career-woman as the owner of her business that specializes in marketing, media, and event management and production. Simone has already gained a following in doing so, as I expect that will only increase as she maintains her blog. In addition to Life Inspired, Simone continues to promote herself via several social networking sites (as listed above), which can only help her gain and maintain a stronger following, as well as being able to attract a customer base for her business.

7) What kind of following does she have?

Simone averages at least 1 comment per post, usually more, by fans and other bloggers who share similar interests and are inspired by her posts. The likes from other bloggers varies based on content, but she is never without praise.

One comment from a fan reads; “What a wonderful idea! I’m sure that meant more to all kids than all the other parties they have been to. Looked so fun too. Love the decorations, snacks and clown!! It’s so great to teach kids about giving at an early age!” By observation, Simone also replies back to her comments on the daily.

8) What did I learn?

I learned that simplicity and organization can sometimes override content. Simone’s blog is clean and constructed, and as she excels in her organization, the level of professionalism and personalism is blended in her attempt to create a blog that inspires as well as informs.

9) What did I gain?

I gained insight into the range I am able to obtain as a blogger in my content, as well as the type of construction that works for these specific topic-driven blogs. In keeping the content diverse and constant, the overall look of the blog can be more simplified and should be easily navigated for the outside reader.

10) What will I share?

Like I have, and will now continue to do so, I will share Simone’s postings about her various topics. In addition, I will compare the blogs I dissect in my future postings to Simone’s blog, Life Inspired.


If you are interested in this blog, be sure to follow the links above. In addition, read more about Simone on her About page.


What do you think about my observations? About Simone’s blog in general? Feel free to comment!


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for the feature! Apparently, I missed your email or I would have definitely responded. It was so interesting reading your analysis of my blog. It’s nice to have a more technical review of the site from a reader. Looking forward to connecting with you! Thanks again:)

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Our project is roughly five weeks long so feel free to still respond anytime. I would love to ask you some questions and I can always do a follow-up post with your answers in the coming weeks!

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