A Life Inspired: An Analysis of Week One

Week One complete!

Thus far, I have been blogging about blogging. Redundant I know. My content, however, is not redundant so ignore the title if you can. If you missed the introduction to my project, revert back here. It explains the five blogs I have chosen to follow and the questions I will be addressing for each one.

First up was Life Inspired. Life Inspired is a blog written by Simone; a wife, mother, and owner of TRUE, a firm specializing in marketing, media, and event management. Simone blogs about everything regarding party planning ideas to recipes and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

My first post gave the background on Simone and Life Inspired, catch up with that here. My second post addressed the questions I hoped to uncover in my introduction. Read up on what I came up with here.

Overall, I think week one was a success in my book. Simone’s blog, Life Inspired, was a great choice not only for my project as a whole but for my kick-off week. If anything, Simone aided in opening up my mind to what I hope to achieve as a blogger.

My initial trouble was meeting the goals I had set for myself to write 600+ posts 3-4 times a week regarding each of the blogs. My first post with Life Inspired came up short, while my second exceeded my goal. Revert here to review my project proposal for my class to understand more about what I am talking about.

I learned a lot, more than I thought I would take away, which I am happy about. Mainly personal, as I really enjoyed how Simone had her blog constructed and the way she is working to get her name out there through her blog and business. I also appreciated her range, as a reader, and how she kept her blog organized even in having such a strong variation in topic posts.

Next, for this week I will be focusing on my second blog for my project which is, Vintage Reflection. Posts will be up early this week to make more time for additional ones at the end of the week.


A preview:




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