Living Inspired

I will not let myself fall behind on this project so let’s start rolling!

Up first is lucky number one, Life Inspired.



Let’s start with some background information and observations about the blog itself. The blog is run by Simone; a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Her blog is fairly new and has been featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed. It is formatted as the customized Twenty Eleven Theme. Simone blogs about being a parent to a lively little girl who doesn’t eat sugar, about what it is like to be the wife of a radio personality, and about the everyday struggles and life blessings that enhance her world. In the midst of all Simone’s busyness, she still finds time to respond to the majority (if not all) of the comments from fans of her blog. Kudos!

The main page of Simone’s page has several tabs by which she separates what her posts are about. Across the top she has her About tab, Family, Inspiration, Eat, Home, Style, Celebrate, and Contact tabs. She also has added sub-topics under the majority of her main tabs. Simone is also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Simone has 20+ categories of post topics with everything from baby food to relationships, and maintains a strong following through her personable writing and sharing of unique ideas.

Simone has a simplistically set-up blog with a limited amount of over-sharing. She includes several images on all of her posts, keeping it modern and fresh, while also personal as she adds pictures of her daughter. Thus, while Simone keeps her blogging style professional, she also lightens up with her personality, making it a cross between both. A happy medium, perhaps. She caters to what she wants to talk and write about but also to her audience, as she includes recipes, crafts, and the popular DIY (Do It Yourself) projects (see below).





Now that the gap is narrowed between not knowing what Simone’s blog is about and knowing everything her blog is about, I am excited about delving deeper into the kind of following she has attracted and what I can perceive is to be gained by her blog in general. I will address the questions I had created in my last post and will hopefully have a little insight from Simone herself as well, if she responds to my request for contact!

Check back tomorrow when this post will be continued and more of Life Inspired will be shared.





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