I recently found out, and by recently I mean yesterday, that I was recommended and named an Honorable Mention for the Creative Writing Scholarship we have here on campus.

I wrote a ten page nonfiction piece last semester about a family tragedy that had taken place just over a year ago. While I wrote this about what happened and primarily for the people we lost, I also wrote it to cope with what the tragedy itself. In receiving this honorable mention, I feel like what I wrote was meant for something, and that I accomplished that something without knowing I needed to. Not a bad feeling.

Thus, my word is “woot.” But not just “woot,” more like “WOOOOOOOTTTT!”

Mirriam-Webster Online says the word “woot” is an interjection, and is an exclamation of joy or excitement. They also claim “woot” is a new word as well as a slang word. Their example of using it in a sentence is;

“I aced the math final — woot woot!”

Except, we don’t talk about math here, so here is my example:

“I received an Honorable Mention — woot woot!”






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