Blogging About Blogging, and Other Non-Redundancies



So it begins.

Dun dun dun.

Not really, though. This is going to be fun. Let me explain. For a project I am going to follow a total of 5 freelance bloggers over a period of five weeks to see what can be gained from doing so. If you want to check out my proposal for the project, read here.

My plan is to focus primarily on each blog for a series of 3-4 posts so my readers can really get to know everything there is to know, along with all of my thoughts.

Like I state in my proposal, I plan to educate not only myself but others as I read up daily on what the bloggers are posting. Some questions I will revert back to as I observe will be;


How much time is spent daily and weekly blogging?

What am I learning? (repeatedly)

What needs to be shared?

What shouldn’t be shared?

How are the blogs performed in general?

How are they structured?

What kind of following do they have?

Are suggestions or ideas (recipes, etc.) from blogs do-able?

What is to be gained by blogging in general?

What is to be gained by following the bloggers?

What did I gain?


In addition to these questions, I hope to contact each of the bloggers at the end of the week of which I focused primarily on their blog. I hope to ask them some questions regarding their blogs in order to share their perspective in contrast to my own.


To gateway into the project I am going to pick 5 blogs to focus my research on, drumroll please.

1) Life Inspired

2) Vintage Reflection

3) Small Food Business

4) Abby Has Issues

5) The Droid You’re Looking For


I hope you all are excited as I am.

Stay tuned.









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