Language of Love

I recently found an article that was mind-boggling, slightly hilarious, and downright fun to read.

Molly Ireland, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology who studies human dialogue, said people who use the same kinds of function words are more likely to find a match. Function words are words that include personal pronouns such as; he, she, it. Also articles such as; a, an, or the. In addition to conjunctions such as; as, and, but, or and nor.

“People aren’t very good at predicting ahead of time what they’ll find attractive on a date. So in a way, language predicts what people want in a partner better than they do themselves,” Ireland claimed.

Thus, a study was done to highlight the importance of language and language style with social behavior. Ireland and other participants believe language-style matching reflects attention to one’s conversation partner as opposed to oneself or the surroundings and similarly between partners’ thinking styles.

Read the entire article and about the study that was conducted here.


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