Growing Up

I feel old.

But, I’m not so that fact alone makes me feel just a tiny bit better. The truth is, our lives are just beginning. I mean, did you really think your life was at its peak in middle school? … I just shuddered. We are literally in the process of accomplishing life goals right now. Those dreams you had when you were little are coming true, or you are in the process of helping them come true. They are happening now, and it’s frightening. But also exhilarating. Get my gist?

Middle school does hold some special meaning to me though, not going to lie. Middle school is where I met one of my very best friends, Brittany. Yeah, yeah, Whitney and Brittany, we know our names rhyme, they have for about ten years now. Anyways, I asked to borrow her colored pencils in the sixth grade and BAM new friendship, which is something I am going to share with you right now. The thing is, Brittany is moving, now granted I moved away first, she is the first one to move out of the state, and I hadn’t realized how scared I was of that fact until this very moment.

I have no doubts, though. She’s doing the right thing. But, it is just so damn scary. She’s Michael Scott (The Office) and I’m Jim, and I just want to cry.


And now I am. Because everything is changing. We are growing up and moving on, and we have to leave each other in order to do that sometimes. Here is the girl that held a stake-out with me in my front yard for an entire day and had to call her mom to ask if she could stay another night so we could crack the case. Mind you, our “stake-out” meant sitting on a four-wheeler behind a single, pathetic tree. Yeah, you read that right.

Here is the girl who laughed and laughed with me in our high school French class as we drew pictures back and forth. “Girls…” Madame would say all serious, even though we knew she wasn’t. Brittany would laugh until she had tears streaming down her face and had to go to the bathroom to fix her eye make-up.

Here is the girl who got lost with me in Minneapolis for hours only to end up at a sketchy Taco Bell. Only burned about half a tank of gas, and now have a pretty good story to tell, so it was most definitely worth it.

Here is the girl who clapped with my peers as I won Homecoming Queen senior year of high school, and I happily got to return the favor to her as she won Snow Queen months later.

Here is the girl who got me into tennis, only to consume all four years of our high school careers.

Here is the girl who moved with my family to International Falls the summer before our sophomore year of college. I didn’t even have to worry about moving to a new place and making new friends because I had the best friend a girl could have right by my side.

Here is the girl who held my hand at my great-grandmother’s funeral as tears streamed down my face.

Here is the girl who is moving to a new state to start the next chapter of her life.

I am so happy for you, and I know it will be great, and the times that it isn’t? You have me. I love you for always, my best friend.



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