Reflecting with Wikis

This week was a fairly easy one, however the easy weeks seem to get me.

Even for a goal of posting three times I had much difficulty. I was initially super excited about working with Wikis as a Social Notebook but soon came to realize that I had a problem actually understanding what that really means. Therefore, our information is lacking in sorts. Happy to say we are still learning, though.

I did learn that while utilizing a wiki as a social notebook, there may be several advantages and disadvantages, which may tie directly back to the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a wiki in general.

My main questions revolve around our work in general and perhaps what may be actual examples of using a wiki as a social notebook. i.e. Google was not helpful.

I am however, looking forward to hearing about the other groups’ progress with their wiki pages and topics, as well as what they have learned. Maybe there will even be something to contribute to Wiki as a Social Notebook.

My main Weblogs & Wikis page is here. My list of times/dates worked is here. Finally, our Wiki as a Social Notebook page is here.


The one thing Wikis have been teaching me lately is that it’s okay to be a work in progress. Thank goodness.


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