Summaries & Reflections Galore


Week… I have no idea what week it is. They are all running together and I’m just praying that I am getting everything done on time in the process.

After being rather on top of the topics and work of last week I feel that I retreated to old habits and put off our assignment for this week once again. Maybe I’m going to have to start making a check-list to help. Thankfully, we were just instructed to observe on Wiki pages, and that I could at least handle for the most part.

I actually did have a little bit of trouble with finding outside sources other than the ones that were provided to us. I searched on Wikipedia to discover writing styles, and went to C2 and Meatball Wiki to decipher between document mode and thread mode. My biggest struggle was figuring out what makes a Wiki site worth it. What makes some Wiki sites more well-known than others?

I did come up with quite a few questions after researching the Wiki pages and observing the different styles. Those questions are posted on my second post on Wikis here.

The rest of my work from this week is as follows; on Monday I posted about the Russian Language, on Tuesday I wrote about the Olympics in Sochi, and on Saturday I started my Wiki work and posted Part 1 and Part 2 by the end of the day.


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