Spoice in Sochi: Speaking Olympian

According to the online Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, the word ‘spoice’ isn’t a word at all. However, according to Urban Dictionary, it is.

I first heard it on the morning news as they chatted about the Olympics. A tweet was shown on the screen from American snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg to Jamie Anderson, another American snowboarder. A view of the tweet can be seen below, and more importantly a view of the word ‘spoice’ in use.


A quick summary of the two Olympians; Kotsenburg, 20, won the first gold medal for the United States as he unveiled a new trick in the men’s snowboard slopestyle event. Kotsenburg talks about his win here. Anderson, 23, won the same in the women’s snowboard slopestyle, winning the second gold for the United States. Hear what she has to say here.

Now, let’s back up for a second, what is spoice anyways? Urban Dictionary says it is “an exclamation of gratitude towards life.” Check here to get the full definition, and while Mirriam-Webster refuses to recognize the word, we get a little insight as to why. Urban Dictionary goes on to explain in their definition that spoice is derived from the snowboarding culture by people living in a dreamworld. Ultimately, whether or not it is or isn’t recognized as a word, it is right up Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson’s ally.


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