Lost in Russia


During the London Summer Olympics of 2012, one of my best friends and I sat eagerly waiting to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the games. We were in awe of the beauty and unity that was displayed before us, and finally, finally the countries began to emerge. We watched the A’s in silence as they came out, one country at a time, before my friend looked to me and said, “Where’s America?”

Needless to say, she was a little disappointed to hear we would be sitting until the U’s to see our country.

Since then, this has become an inside joke between us, and even more so as the Olympics have come up again, now Winter of course, two years later. We joked once again about waiting for the United States to emerge from the A’s when the ceremonies started, of course, this was short-lived. We had completely forgotten about the countries emerging in accordance to the Russian Alphabet, as seen below. Hopefully one year we can get it right.


County after country emerged in what seemed to be a random order, one that we did not understand at all, but thank goodness for Google and the like for teaching websites such as this. And while the Russian language and alphabet are still quite a lot to comprehend, it’s been fun learning something new. I just need to figure out how to rrrolll my tongue.

Here is the chart I have been using if you are interested too. Saying the words out loud helps, as I have learned in my Language class in college.

Russian Letter Letter’s Name, in Russian How to Prononunce Transliteration 1 Vowel
“ah” a in car a x
“beh” b in bit b
“veh” v in vine v
“geh” g in go g
“deh” d in do d
“yeh” ye in yet ye or e x
“yo” yo in yolk yo x
“zheh” s in pleasure zh
“zeh” z in zoo z
“ee” ee in see i x
“ee kratkoyeh” “short ee” y in boy i or y or j
“kah” k in kitten k
“ehl” l in lamp l
“ehm” m in map m
“ehn” n in not n
“oh” o in folk o x
“peh” p in pet p
“ehr” r in roll 2 r
“ehs” s in see s
“teh” t in tip t
“oo” oo in boot u x
“ehf” f in face f
“khah” h in house 3 kh or h
“tseh” ts in sits ts
“cheh” ch in chip ch
“shah” sh in shut sh
“schyah” sh in sheep sch
“tvyordiy znahk” “hard sign” 4
“i” i in ill y x
“myagkeey znahk” “soft sign” 5
“eh” e in met e x
“yoo” u in use yu x
“yah” ya in yard ya x

And a peek at the Russian Keyboard is below.

Russian Keyboard

EnEn  RusРус



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