Continuously Writing and Reflecting


This week I feel like I accomplished a lot more that I have in past weeks, which also meant spending a lot more time on the computer. Where did the weekend go?

Nonetheless, I am finally getting the hang of posting in a timely and efficient manner. Of course it did help that I was a big fan of this week’s topics. Social media is right up my ally.

I did have a little bit of trouble in narrowing down my topic as I mainly summarized what Rettberg was saying in Chapter 3 in my first post, then summarized the topics listed in my second, and finally brought it home in my third. I think I was mainly too busy focusing on the Facebook and Twitter subtopics (Collecting, Filter Bubble, etc.) as a whole to narrow it down to just one. However, that helped in keeping a broader range in my posts.

If I could go back and do my posts over for this week I would involve a few more interactive links, like Halie does, in her post Everything Has Gone Digital. Her addition of the Facebook Calculator kept me involved in what she was talking about, and opened my eyes to how much time I really do spend on social media. Pretty alarming.

If you missed what I covered this week, here is a quick summary. On Wednesday, I posted for my English Language class on the word grief, and again on Phonology. On Friday, I started an intro on Social Media and posted again with a summary on collecting and filter bubbles. On Saturday, I wrapped up my social media posts with a focus primarily on filter bubbles, and today I posted a nonfiction story I wrote in hopes of breaking away from the grueling coursework.

Ta da!



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