Reflecting Realistically

Another week gone by already? Yikes.

I would like to lie and say that I did all the research I wanted to, and covered everything I wanted to in my post(s) on Rettberg’s Blogging. Check here and here to see what I mean. However, time was not on my side with this assignment and I am struggling to balance a productive workflow. My goal is to see improvement each week, so let’s just start with next week on that one.

I had mostly a difficult time in actually choosing what I wanted to annotate and aggregate, but once I picked an assignment, as they were broken down, I really did enjoy it. It would have been fun to maybe do a little something from each. (Annotate this from chapter one, connect with someone, share, annotate this from chapter two, repeat, etc.) Through the process of completing the assignment on blogging I did learn a lot, and I find it much easier to decipher between the three main types of blogs (personal, filter, topic-driven), and I found it interesting that they all dip into one another a little bit in terms of each one’s individual characteristics. An example of a blog that shares common ground with both a personal blog and a filter blog would be A Sweeter Thing. I categorized it as a filter blog but it also has characteristics of a personal blog. So, perhaps a personal blog with a filter theme? Why not.

If I could start this past week over and re-do the assignment, I would have managed my time more efficiently. Don’t get me wrong, Rettberg got read, the research was thorough, the assignment complete, I would have just like to spent more time annotating, deciphering, and learning, and I should have. Overall everything I have learned this week makes up for my feelings over my disappointing work ethic as I think about what kind of blogger I want to be, and not just today, but in the future too.

In other school-related news, I am now using this blog not only for personal posting, but for TWO classes also. Look back on my week’s work if you please.

Monday 1/27/2014 – Love, Or Something Like It

Tuesday 1/28/2014 – Experimenting With Pinning and Creativity

Wednesday 1/29/2014 – Wordy Wednesday

Friday 1/31/2014 – I Like To Pretend I Know What I’m Doing

Sunday 2/2/14 – Blogging: Stylistic Choices and Annotating and The Truth About Blogging


One comment

  1. Well, I would say that you had a rather productive week with all the posts that you produced, good for you. That’s something that I need to work on – getting posts up there that are not just for that weeks assignment in Weblogs and Wikis… I suppose I shall start to work at that next week. I found myself also struggling with a workflow/time management issue, and I sure hope that it get’s easier from here. The problem for me is that I have to much other stuff to do, and when I do dedicate time to this class there are so many different directions that I can go that I am ineffective in choosing one and sticking to it. I sure hope this gets easier with practice.

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