The Truth About Blogging

According to Jill Walker Rettberg, the author of Blogging, there are “three main styles of blogging: personal or diary-style blogging; filter blogging; and topic-driven blogging.”

Here are some fast facts on each, also from Rettberg

Personal Blogging:

-Usually an ‘About’ link can be found, in addition to a photograph of the blogger.

-Some posts are short and sweet. i.e. anecdotes about kids, chance encounters in the airport, etc.

-Often, diarists belong to web rings together so they can share sections of their diaries, and create ‘friend lists.’

Filter Blogging:

-Filter blogs do not log the blogger’s offline life, such as those of personal blogs

-Usually a record of the blogger’s finds and experiences on the web.

-Today’s Filter Blogs range from a sharing of bizarre news articles, to a group blog where members post to interesting websites, to personal sites.

Topic-Driven Blogging:

-A sharing of newly discovered ideas and information with their readers.

-There are different kinds of Topic-Driven Blogs, as there are hobbies, passions, professions, etc.

-There are many posts every day, and most posts comment on and link to news articles, etc, with the posts mainly being about the articles themselves.

Stay tuned for more on this topic.


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