Experimenting With Pinning

I have been inspired by Cat-naps, Conversations and Coffee as well as Yummy For You and Me to join the food craze aspect of sharing recipes and yummy ideas. Check out both of the above blogs and try out what they are sharing!

In the meantime let’s scroll back a little to the beginning of the summer, when I first joined Pinterest. Not sure what Pinterest is? Neither was I. Until I became addicted. Nonetheless, check it out here, so you can become addicted too. Fairly new (started in 2010), Pinterest is literally an idea-sharing site. That’s it. But soon, it will completely take over your life and you will have no friends. … Kidding, kind of. It may, however, inspire you to stay in for an entire weekend (even with your parents away), and make six dozen cupcakes. True story.

I tried out a Peanut Butter recipe (which didn’t turn out too bad, look below), a Mint Chocolate Chip recipe, a Hershey’s Chocolate recipe … and so on. I mixed up frostings and discovered new decorating techniques. I ran out of Tupperware containers and dropped 5+ on the floor. Don’t ask.


However, through all the time I spent baking and destroying the kitchen, I discovered a fantastic recipe. A Pinterest recipe. Enter the Coconut Cream Cupcake. I even attached the recipe below so you can all give this one a whirl. It was actually the easiest and the yummiest out of all the cupcakes I made, so you will not be sorry. Below is a picture of how it turned out afterwards, which is perfectly similar to the one attached with the recipe. That, is definitely a successful accomplishment. And a delicious one, too.

Coconut Cream Cupcake Recipe

Pinterest: 1 Whitney: 1

Thank goodness we are tied on this one. Stay tuned for more.




  1. I’ve made Pinterest recipes too. In fact we made about six different types of Christmas cookies (we wanted to make eight) and only two were ones we had made before. I had only just joined Pinterest this past summer as well. It’s so strange how you hear about it and then think, “How can they become addicted to this?” and the next thing you know is that you’re one of them. Although I am proud to say that I am not nearly as bad as most people.

  2. Yum! I really like coconut, but there’s plent of people I know who don’t. Which is fine by me because that means I don’t have to share. I’ll deffinitally be making those cupcakes in the near future.

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