Reflecting on Bootcrap

Woah, I meant Bootcamp. Must have been a typo.

Totally kidding. I actually loved Bootcamp, and while this post may be purely for class-related purposes, my other followers might enjoy it too.

What did I learn? I learned that WordPress is a thing. A cool thing. A thing I am in love with. Hello WordPress, will you be my valentine?

I actually hate to admit this, but I didn’t read The Missing Manual (class requested text) very much at all. I got so excited about this whole “create-a-blog-thing” that I totally skipped over it. I am just now making my way through it. Therefore, I learned that I need to cool my jets and follow instructions as figuring out what to do on here took me a lot of extra time, and by that I mean I changed my theme 800 times. I also learned what RSS and Feedly are, and how important and life-changing they are in cyberspace. Check out what I mean here, if you haven’t already.

I learned that there are an endless amount of things you can post about, but being creative is a feat only a few have. I have learned to open my mind to posting and what to post. Check out this post from Shanna Says, and this post from Cat-Naps, Conversations, and Coffee to understand what I mean about creativity and posting. For me, the writing comes easily, but it is the choosing what to write that becomes more difficult.

I learned that tagging helps others narrow their searches, and might get you a few unexpected followers/readers, and that is a good thing. I learned that linking is super helpful in the blog world, and posting media makes reading others’ posts more enjoyable. Another fun fact I happily came across is that there are literally blogs about every single subject you can think of, and that is a beautiful thing. To read about what I like to talk about, revert to my past postings, and be sure to check out my About page here.

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And stay tuned for more. Over and out–


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