Already Behind in 2014?

I thought I was pretty much up to a solid speed with social networking, trends, and all of the above. That was until I saw that little orange box with the weird little lines on a website I was loitering on. While I’m still wondering what that is, what is an RSS Feed? What is a Feedly account? Why do I need one? What is the CC Movement? Cool your jets, I’m getting to it.rss-feed

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) Feed is a specific format for delivering regularly changing web content. It allows you to stay informed, and mainly stay informed on what you are interested in. Welcome To Feedly can help get you started, and is a great tool. I now get all the news and information I am interested in (without a Google search!), right at my fingertips. Or eyeballs. Interested in what I’m into? Check out this stellar blog.

Moving on. I read about Creative Commons and the movement here. According to this website, “Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.” The CC licenses allow you to personalize your own copyright terms (“all rights reserved to some rights reserved”). You can read up on these licenses here.

Intellectual Property (IP) is described here. The goal is to “foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.” Overall, it is a personal choice when it comes to choosing a Creative Commons copyright license, and thankfully there are several options to choose from. When it comes to my work, and choosing a copyright license I am leaning towards the Attribution-No Derivs CC BY-ND. Read up on what I’m talking about here.

Ideally, what we are blogging will potentially generate a strong following, while also giving other bloggers, non-bloggers, and in general overall readers, a chance to re-blog you, comment, like, and share your work, etc. This license would allow the re-distribution of my work while also crediting the writer, that being me.

Overall, hopefully I’m a little less behind now than I was before, and that’s the gist.



  1. I had seen the “little orange box with the weird little lines” so many times, and just assumed that since it wasn’t something I used, it must be unnecessary. I had no idea how much it would simplify my life and enable me to spend my time online much more efficiently. I’m glad you linked to the CC license you are leaning toward, because even though I’ve done the research on the topic, I’m still a little confused at times by some of the abbreviations.

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